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80's Style Sticker Album


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-7.5" x 9.25" A5 binder with gold metallic rings
-Exclusive sheet of puffy stickers using Grossman's classic designs
-Exclusive sheet of retro alphabet stickers with additional sticker labels
-12 coated gallery pages for sticker display and storage
-10 clear sleeves featuring 4 different pocket sizes to preserve and protect stickers still attached to their liners


Maybe the world is blind, or just a little unkind. Don't know. Seems you can't be sure, of anything anymore. Although, You maybe lonely and then,one day you're smiling again. Every time I turn around, I see the girl who turns my world around. Standing there...Every time I turn around, Her spirit's lifting me right off the ground. What's gonna be? Guess we'll just wait and see.
-Punky Brewster